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As the numbers of deaths of wild horse foals captured during the Triple B wild horse "gather" currently under way in Nevada increases, disturbing photographic evidence of abuse of the foals has been uncovered. (8/12)



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Antelope Roundup Pictures




Baby roped

 Eyewitness accounts say that young colt of 4 or 5
months, is separated by the helicopter from his mother, prior to this
picture. His mother is captured and he resists capture. Wranglers "double
lasso" him around the neck. (of course they say they never do this.....)he
is dragged off, ropes on his neck by two riders on horseback. He is dragged
behind a bluff and left there.....hog tied perhaps....seems they only way
possible.....and then 41 minutes (by the clock) after they eat lunch, they
ride out and retrieve him. The "wranglers" drag him in, ropes around his
neck, shocked and exhausted.

Photos courtesy of Animal Rescue Unit


Blue Moon and Family


Blue Moon going down

The now deceased roan stallion "Blue Moon", aptly named by witnesses at the BLM wild horse round up in Eastern Oregon this weekend, prior to his capture and subsequent death. Notice the closeness of the helicopter, the skids are so close that the blades are over the horses heads. The family is moving rapidly, so why not release the excessive pressure, which is already in violation of federal codes and Standard operating Procedure ? And in violation of a code called humane handling ?

  Why is inappropriate and excessive pressure placed on the animals? By eyewitness accounts, "wranglers" bring out lunge whips and whips with plastic bags and exert enormous amounts of pressure on the animals with no release. The stallion, Blue Moon jumps for the panel that appears to be incorrectly placed as many horses have mistaken it for an exit and make contact with it. Only this stallion hits it with deadly force - all signs pointed to it happening. "Wranglers" increase and keep up steady pressure, very bad horsemanship and poor judgment to say the least, they even whip the foal (contact of whip to foal is shown in a later frame.)

Blue Moon is down

Notice "wranglers" keep pressure on not only
the baby but the dying stallion which defies all logic and decency.
Eyewitness accounts say baby had to jump over dying stallion (his
sire/father) to escape the increasing pressure. The "wranglers" are quite
unaffected, one appears to be yawning, yet "wrangler" on the left continues
to put pressure on the foal. Why ? What is "wrangler" in black hat doing
with that plastic bag on a stick while stallion, whose neck is already
broken, is down ? Witness see him suffer for thirty minutes before they are
escorted out, not knowing if he is dead......yet.



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